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In Dire Need of a Foster in the next 24hrs

June 25, 2010

*Please read & pass on to anyone you think might be able to help!* Rebecca with My K-9 trainer contacted me today and she is desperate for some help with her foster puppies (photo album link attached). They need a new temp foster home ASAP. Her neighbors have contacted the constable and they are threatening to take the dogs to the pound within 24hrs due to noise complaints. Rebecca is fairly certain these same neighbors may have also thrown something in the dog’s faces because they all suddenly have rashes. These pups were scheduled to be euthanized in March and a certain rescue group asked Rebecca to foster guaranteeing help with medical bills and adoptions- however Rebecca has been completely on her own since she graciously took these sweet babies in. She has spent over $500 dollars on medical care and the ‘rescue’ has left her high and dry and won’t even return her calls or emails. There are three puppies left, they are about 5mo old, are mixed breed and weigh between 13-20lbs. If you know of anyone- rescue or otherwise that could either foster or adopt one or all of these puppies please contact Rebecca ASAP at 832-266-3247. She has until 2-3pm to remove the dogs or they risk being picked up by the city and possibly euthanized. These puppies deserve better.

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