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Please Help Save Sadi- Pooch Cancer victim

February 24, 2010

This email was sent to me by a very good friend, client, foster, and dedicated animal rescue advocate- I can personally attest that every claim she makes in this email about her rescue efforts and the care of her rescues is 100% true:

Sadi, My Lady, has been diagnosed with Lymphoma.  She is the sweetest dog and loves everyone she meets.  I rescued Sadi from living on a  chain.  When it rained and her surroundings were flooded, she stood, chained, on top of her doghouse.  I offered $50 for her which was accepted and I took her straight to the vet.  She had fleas and ticks, was malnourished and was filthy.  The tips of her ears were raw and bleeding from mosquito bites, the vet said.

Over a number of years, I’ve rescued many, many dogs.  I’ve paid for all of their veterinary needs and then had them adopted through local pet adoption agencies.  Six of them have found their home with me.  I’ve given them the best health care and nutrition that money can buy even though I’ve worked as a secretary my whole life.

After losing my job with a non-profit (which means that unemployment benefits are unavailable to me), I now find myself unable to pay the $6,000 it will cost for chemo treatments for Sadi over the next 5 months.  Had I done nothing, she would have died within 2 months.

I’m over 60 and single.  I am in desperate need of financial assistance to help my beloved baby.  Her 3rd treatment is scheduled for March 3rd…..but without help, I won’t be able to continue the treatments.  Please help Sadi.

If you can help, please send your gift to:

Gulf Coast Oncology
1111 West Loop South, Suite 150
Houston, TX  77027
with your notation reading:
for Sadi/Dr. Carreras
If you can share this email with others who may be able to help, please do so.
She also has a ‘chip in’ site now as well: IF YOU CAN HELP SADIE 

Many, Many thanks!
Marcella Pringle
(picture of Sadi soon to come)
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